TRX2 moves to new location.

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Interior of TRX2


When you walk into TRX2 on Peoria and 35th Avenue you do not know where to  look first.  The store is listed as a multimedia exchange on its business card.  First thing you notice is how you are hit with a myriad of bright vivid colors from the brilliant orange and blue painted interior to the colorful albums and wall posters. The store is small and packed with vinyl albums and 45s, used CDs, used games, used DVDs, turntables, and used game systems. Although, they have a lot of stock, everything is well organized and easy to navigate. The store recently moved from 43rd Avenue and Peoria, where they were located for five years.

Vinyl bin at TRX2

When TRX2 was at their larger former location, the store had the distinction of being the only record store in Phoenix where a cat resided full time.  She lived in the store as soon as the owners adopted her after they found her in the alley behind the store in a pile of garbage.  She never went outside even when the front door was open and would walk around the store gently meowing.  If you were in the store longer than 5 minutes she would come up to you and let you know she want to be petted.  After a few head pets she would leave and if you stayed awhile she would come back for additional stroking.  Unfortunately, the owner of the new building where TRX2 is now housed did not want the cat to live in the store.  She now resides at the owners’ home.

The prices are very reasonable with used DVDs are as low as $5.95 and albums sell for $4 and up.  They have a large selection of vinyl 45s as well.  The album bins are filled with classic rock and there is a great selection of Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones and other bands from the 60s.  They also have many new wave and 80’s bands as well as disco and R&B.  If the early roots of rock is what you are looking for they have it as well. There is a good variety of used DVDs in stock that contains comedies, action, music and drama.  The south wall is filled with all bands of used video games and the rarer games are in the glass display case that doubles as a counter.

Chris, who owns the store with his wife Katie, is one of the friendliest and personable owners in the business.  He cheerfully answers all your questions and if he does not have what you are looking for he will refer you to other stores in the area.   Chris, thirtyish, with lots of piercings, really enjoys his job and takes pride in his store.

Game wall in the back of the store

On a Sunday, the store was steadily busy, with most customers coming with children for game items or to have their game discs polished.  The owner said some days he sells more CDs or DVDs than games, so the clientele choices vary.  When asked why  people buy the vinyl, Chris replied that one of the reasons vinyl records sell is because the customer likes to feel the albums as they look through the bins.  He thinks people can feel more attachment to the physical album and also said, “Most customers buy more than one album.”  As he was talking an older customer came in and bought a USB tunable because she wanted to convert her albums to MP3s. You can also purchase plastic covers for your records and pictures frames for album covers to display as art, as well as a vinyl cleaner kit.

TRX2 is a small store but with a lot of variety and great stock.  You will get friendly service but you are left alone to enjoy  just  looking around.  It is the type of store you just might find that treasure for a good price, like a Buddy Holly album from 1959 for $7 or the Adam and the Ants, album, “Strip” for $5.  The only thing missing is the store cat.



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