Zia Records Expands

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Uncategorized


Zia Records at 19th Avenue and 19th

          Next to the rows of CDs, DVDS, Games and records that have defined Zia Records for decades now you can find a  new addition.  What is the recent edition to the multi-media store that is Phoenix oldest, “Independent Record Store?”  In their recently expanded  Thunderbird and 19th Avenue store you will find  books, both used and new.   You will also find seating in the book area and two small tables covered with oversized coffee table books. 

            The book selection offers variety and has a large number of music and entertainment books.  The used books are priced very reasonably like an biography of the Rolling Stones for $2.99 and Lemmy”‘ autobiography went for $7.50.  There are also sale book bins that offer five books for $5.00.  There inventory does not compare to Bookman’s or Half Price books but you can find some treasures while you are shopping for your music, films or games.  It is definately worth checking out.

            Over the last couple of years the Thunderbird location has expanded its vinyl collection which includes both new and used records.  Previously, most of the new albums were from alternative, classic rock and metal artists but now pop artists have  joined them and Rihanna and Jay-Z can be found next to  Arcade Fire, Dimmu Borgir and Pink Floyd.  Most new albums cost more than CDs but the used record prices are very good with albums as low as $2 or $3. 

            This Zia Records has a large metal section and it is always well stocked.  That is just one of their many catergories that you find in the store which makes your shopping easier as every section is clearly marked.  Zia is noted for it’s used merchandise and there is always a large amount of it among the new.  Their is also a bin for marked down CDS for as low as $5.  If you want to hear a new release before you buy it several listening stations are set up in the CD section by genre.

              If you are having a difficult time finding used DVDs, as more video stores go out of business, check out Zia’s selection.  One of their eye catching displays featured cult films and you could not help but look at all twenty five because they were not films you are likely to even see on cable.  Zia also has one of the Valley’s largest selection of music DVDs.  There is also a bargin bin with marked down DVDs with some good titles.

               Zia has now begun to handle British music magazines in their magazine section.  They also have collectable toys and band related merchandise like The Beatles recycle bags, Ramones and the Misfits wall hangins and posters.  You can also find collectable CD and album sets like the Beatles “White Album” in mono boxed set  in Mono for $140. used and David Bowie’s deluxe set of “Station to Station” also for the same price new. 

                 When you first walk in the store you will find in the front their “hot used” stock.  There is the CD bin, the DVD shelf, the book table and the Vinyl bin.  This is a great feature because they put their most sought after and interesting used items there.   

                  If you want a multi-media store with a great variety to chose from then this is the store you want to visit.  You will find great deals and stock you can’t find else where in the Phoenix area.  What you will not find here is a friendly atmosphere.  You are always greeted by the person at the counter closer to the door when you enter but you don’t always know if they really do want to help you.  And unfortunately, this Zia especially continously has the most unfriendly cashiers.  It is rare to see them smile and they do not appear to be very helpful.  But if merchandise and selection is more important to you then go to this Zia.  



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