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Posted: April 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Rock music, art history, film, fashion, entertainment and fine art fuel my passion for writing. Armed with an analytical and creative mind, I continue to develop my writing by reporting on contemporary culture and fine arts. Both my formal and informal education enables me to draw from my wealth of knowledge on the above subjects. My Bachelor of Arts degree in art history taught me valuable research methods that I use in combination with my reporting skills to craft features with accuracy.  I continue educating readers while also entertaining them with my writing. I naturally closely observe human behavior and interject the mood and details of an event into my reviews. I look forward to continue covering important musical, cultural, film and art events as well as exhibitions.

Working as an intern for the online music site, I gained insight into the music press. As I transcribed the editor’s interviews with hard rock and alternative bands, I learned the best type of questions to ask the band members. When I interviewed local bands Dry River Yacht Club and The Father Figures, I was much better prepared to ask the questions necessary for a concise and interesting feature. When I wrote a record review for the hard rock band The Winery Dogs, I learned how to describe the CD in fewer and more specific words.

Although the rock press like most other areas of music has always been dominated by men, I discovered there are more women rock journalists now but it is still a man’s world in hard rock, metal and alternative music.  It was a valuable experience for me to take on hard rock and punk as an outsider and persevere in this male-dominated area of music. I will write and attend shows where I am a minority in both the audience and in the press box.   My love of music and my time spent studying and reading music journalism and history will keep me in the writing field I love most, rock journalism.

Earning the Journalism and New Media Studies certificate has been a goal for me over the past four years. I work full-time at Paradise Valley Community College in Student Development, and I have come to appreciate the importance of milestones in life. The certificate for me has been an important milestone, and its completion signifies hours of hard work coming to successful fruition. I have watched my writing grow and flourish over the past four years and am proud of my current body of work. This year two of my features, “A Phoenix son, Oscar winner, Havok descend upon US Airways Center” and “Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center Inspires,” were the Puma Press cover stories and cover photo. This year I was pleased to be asked to write film reviews for the program for PVCC’s Desperado Film Festival. I also gained self-confidence in my ideas and my writing skills. Now when I encourage students to complete their degree or a certificate I will be saying it from a place of experience.

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Features, interviews and opinions:

Check out:

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center Inspires

PVCC’s Desperado LGBT Film Festival educates, entertains

Zia Record Exchange creates pop culture wonderland

Artist Andy Warhol maintains iconic status, remains relevant

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Museum reviews:

‘David Bowie is…’ captivating, creative, chameleon

‘Andy Warhol Portraits’ explodes at Phoenix Art Museum

Designers bring fashion back to U.S.A.


Concert Reviews:


Legendary singer Robert Plant dazzles

Featured image

A Phoenix son, Oscar winner, Havok descend upon US Airways Center

‘Lips’ smiles, metal crowd moshes and head-bangs

Sedona’s decker. hypnotizes audience with new release ‘Patsy

Black Keys performs classic rock, blues to clamorous crowd

Arctic Monkeys packs Comerica Theatre as popularity soars

Rob Zombie ushers in Halloween at Scottsdale AZ

Cher’s ‘Dressed to Kill’ tour triumphs in Phoenix

Alternative darlings, Imagine Dragons, pack U.S. Airways Center

Janelle Monae entertains and empowers audience

Lady Gaga entertains Phoenix with extravagant show

Johnny Depp steals show at Cooper’s Christmas Pudding

‘Serious guitar music geeks’ gather at casino

Madonna entertains Phoenix with ‘MDNA’ tour

KUPD presents second Desert Uprising

How I survived three days of heavy metal

Muse dazzles audience with elaborate multimedia show

Michael Cornelius: Jr. Chemist + Skate Punk Turned Father Figure

Dry River Yacht Club Evolves Their Soon To Be Legendary Style

The Winery Dogs: A Self-Titled Classic

Desperado Film Program Film Reviews


‘The Way He Looks’

Featured image

Appearances and book signings

Olympic Champion shares life struggles, triumphs

Special guests add fun, bring personal touch to 2015 Desperado

80’s Icon Billy Idol ‘pops’ into Changing Hands bookstore

The Doors’ Densmore draws crowd at Zia

 CD, film, book, an icon reviews

Life After Death’ both haunts and inspires

Tribute: John Newman scores big with debut CD

American Icon Pete Seeger dies at 94

The Holy and the Broken’ traces history of Leonard Cohen’s failed ‘Hallelujah’

Cate Blanchett, Jennfier Aniston shine in hit comedies

Cher returns with hit album, new tour, TV comeback

Critics hail ‘New Day’ as Bowie’s best since 1980

Jeff Buckley’s opus ‘Grace’ still fresh, new


Jared Leto chops off ombre locks, reveals icy new look

Phoenix Art Museum hosts ‘Andy Warhol Portraits’ exhibition


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